Ak máte doma nejaké zvieratko, tak viete, že neraz dokáže zaspať hocikde. Na topánke, na vás, na parapete a bonusom sú rôzne krkolomné spiace pózy. Tieto snímky sú toho dôkazom. Poznáte to?

This Is How My Bunny Sleep

Maddie Sleeping In A Guitar Case

Sleepy Cat

Omar Asleep In A Tissue Box

My Girlfriend Just Found Him Outside Sleeping Like This

Squirrel Sleeping In A Cup

My Friends Dog Passed Out

The Runt Of The Litter Likes To Sleep In My Hiking Boot

Sleeping In The Grocery Store

Take Your Puppy For A Walk They Said... It Will Be Fun They Said

Perfect Spot To Take A Nap

How My Roommate's Cat Lounges

Just A Hedgehog Practicing Its Camouflage

My Sister's Puppy Was So Tired, She Just Fell Asleep In Her Shoe

McGuffin Goes To The Vet

My New Kitten Just Fell Asleep Against The Wall

Is Planking A Thing Again?

Puppy Sleeping In His Bowl

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Kitty

Book-Holding Puppy Is Sleeping